Florentine of Grandville – Three Unique Venues to Cater to Your Taste, Budget and Preference


Three Unique Venues to Cater to Your Taste, Budget and Preference at Florentine of Grandville

The lounge actually burned down back in the late ‘70s, I believe, and was rebuilt. If you go into the lounge right now, what’s really interesting about it is that the whole place was remodeled back in 1994 or 1995 with the carpet, and the chairs, and the tables.

The old side we call it the old side of the lounge is on the west side, and those tables have been here since like the 1970s. So when you go in there, you get this nostalgia of, oh wow, this is how it used to look. The whole thing, the whole lounge out there was all opened up. It used to be a big room over here that we never really used and opened up a lounge. The unique thing about our lounge and about our restaurant is that if you want a ballgame, or if you want to watch, you know, a golf match, or whatever you want to watch. We’ve got 16, 20 TVs in there. It’s a little bit louder in the lounge, a little bit more fun in the lounge, fun, so-to-speak. That’s a good place for a person like that, but there’s always that time where you’d like to have a little more quiet. So you come out here into the dining room.

Well, if you’d take a look around in our dining room, it’s probably the only one in the area with no TVs in it. There’s one TV in this dining room, and there’s a reason for that because people—a family’s meal time should be about talking to each other, about communicating with each other, about enjoying each other’s company. You know?

The takeout is great because if you’re on the go and on the move—maybe you’re going to go camping, or you’re going to just go out for a night or whatever, a little movie or whatever, you just want to find something quick, you can stop in here. We can make a sub in 10 minutes, and you can be on your way.

So and now we deliver. So now if you’re at home watching movies or whatever, you can call us up. We deliver. It’s great. You can get our product right in your house. 30 minutes and you’re all set to go for the night.

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