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Since 1970
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The entrance to Forentine Ristorante.
Shrimp Spaghetti Alfredo
A loaded slice of Pizza being served at Florentines.

You deserve the best

Join us for amazing pizza and Italian food! Our pizza is made from scratch. Homemade sauce, fresh ground sausage, fresh vegetables, and much more!

We're just around the corner at 28th Street & Ivanrest in Grandville. Florentine Ristorante has been an icon of Grandville for over 50 years and still going strong.

We hope to see you soon!
Piece of Cheese Cake with Cherry topping.



Our menu includes more than just Italian - and our ambience makes your dine-in experience a comfortable one.


Come join us in The Lounge Monday - Saturday for our various specials and events!


Providing pizza for take-out since 1970. We've seen lots of changes, but kept our commitment to making the best food possible.

The Florentine Difference

We get people who may be coming in here for the first time in a decade, a decade and a half, two decades, and say "this is what I remember! This is the flavor I remember." Whether it is the sauce for the pizza, or the Alfredo sauce, or any of our dishes, the majority of this stuff on the menu right now is the same as it was back in the 1970s
The fettuccine Alfredo, the veal picada, the spaghettis and all our pasta dishes. We took it to a different level with our pasta machine.
We extrude every single noodle on premise here. We get the semolina in. We mix it with the eggs. We mix it, and then we put the dyes on it. We do all of that, right here.
If you’ve never had homemade, fresh pasta, you are really missing out because it is so much better! It’s got some nice texture to it. This is not some store bought pasta in a box, which can be almost like eating mush.
This has actual texture to it, actual base to it, and it’s just phenomenal, phenomenal noodles.
We invite you to taste it, and see if you agree with all our loyal customers! Try one of our authentic Italian dishes, or find out why people have voted us "Best Pizza" and come back time and again!
Come visit Florentine